Our Principles

Here are the nine principles that guide us as a company.


We help the world through information

Our aim is to united global commerce through providing a single platform where any business can communicate.


We connect to a purpose greater than ourselves

Our duty is to put the good of humanity and the world at the forefront of thoughts and as the basis for our actions


We love people

We hold firm to religious teachings to love others. With believe that with love, most problems and issues are solvable.


We embrace freedom

Freedom of expression is an impact we want to have on the world. We want to open avenues of communication.


We advance humanity

Humanity has progressed constantly throughout history. We commit ourselves to continual enlightenment.


We stand for the weak

We stand with the impoverished and persecuted, the people too powerless to speak themselves.


We require excellence

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of integrity.


We commit to all that is honorable and good

This statement encompasses all situations that we cannot cover.


We never give up

Resilience, grit, fortitude, determination, discipline, you can call it anything. We love that stuff.

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