The Karleki Initiative

Karleki exists to understand the world through it's organizations. In addition to this, we have a non-profit arm that is dedicated to increasing human knowledge through understanding how to use technology to solve philosophical questions and better understand who we are and how we work.

Our mission

We are on the mission to elevate humanity

We believe in research that combines the best of every field. That's we started The Karleki Initiative. Our goal is to find, support, and do interdisciplinary research at the intersection of science, mathematics, philosophy, and history. Everything we do will be powered by computers and data science. The end goal? We want to understand what makes humans tick. Why do we act the way we do? How can we hack the world to be in our favor? What makes us happy?

Our values

The values that shape The Karleki Initiative


Insatiable Curiosity

We want people who cannot stop until they answer the questions in their head.


Unstoppable Determination

We want people who do not stop for anything until they reach their goals.


Radical Transparency

We want people who operate with the utmost honesty and integrity.


Unwavering Kindness

We want people who put themselves in other's shoes and love abundantly.